Why I Love…

My latest obsession is not a trend or a wardrobe staple. It’s headphones. Urbanears to be specific. I wanted something different, something very me, you know? Headphones that spoke Kelley, screamed style and fun and modern and fresh! So I began my headphones hunt. I’d found Urbanears earlier in the year and they looked to be […]

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Kiss My Aztec

The Aztecs are the indigenous people of Mexico. Aztec is also a city in New Mexico and a sports team, but I, being a fashion nerd, know aztec best as an awesome fashion statement with cool prints featuring triangles, stripes and diamonds. I just can’t get enough of it! Here are a few things that […]

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Your Prints Will Come

Peter Pilotto, Pilotto, Pilotto…where do I know that name?! When have  seen his work? Oh yea! Fashion gladiator, Olivi-ahem, Kerry Washington wore a funky frock by him while promoting Django Unchained: Some called it strange, but I loved it! So y’all know I was pumped to hear that this same designer linked up with Target […]

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911 ManiCURE

Ok. I touched on this subject lightly with my skin post a little while ago. ..Don’t know if I made it clear but I hate winter. And winter hates my skin! Especially my nails. It seems like no matter how much I moisturize, my poor hands end up super dry with everlasting hangnails. No one wants […]

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Warm It Up, Chris

The weather has been playing with my emotions, giving me mid-spring warmth, mild winter cool and official cold weather blues all within a few weeks. I can’t take it. So what’s a better pick-me-up than looking at beautiful clothing? It for sure warms my heart. My spotlight is on Duro Olowu again, who we all know […]

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