ego vs.

I often think she’d be so pretty without all the extras. But then again, she would probably look + act like a totally different person, so who knows? Society has us all fucked up..   Her eyebrows took up 2/3rds of her face and her lashes seemed to be reaching for both brows in an attempt to […]

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I always wanted what I used to think of as a unique name- like Naomi, Earth, Maya, Sade, Tierney, Niara or Veronica- at least something not so common. Instead, I grew up a Kelley alongside many, many Kellies, at one point being one of six in a middle school English class. Yea.. But Kelley does […]

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week 20 || 2016: Balance

There is a man in every woman and a woman in every man. Women are the pillars of the world. A complete person is one who can nurture both sides. (Drabo, Skirt Power/Taafe Fanga, 1997) Key words: nurture both sides. Just a piggyback off last Wednesday’s post because it simply sums up what I believe […]

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a bit of black herstory

Sanitary Belt. Sanitary Belt with Moisture-proof Napkin Pocket. Carrier attachment for invalid walkers. Bathroom Tissue Holder. Back washer mounted on a shower wall and bathtub. Mary Beatrice was born on May 17, 1912. Her sister, Mildred, invented the Family Treeditions game, which -you guessed it- helps people learn of their ancestors and family trees. And instead […]

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