My Cup of Tea

How sweet is this?! My goodness. Donate to help with their medical expenses if you feel so moved. Thanks for sharing their story and expounding on what true love looks like, Jay. This gave me all the feels.  ❤

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a natural hair appreciation post

  Kushite Prince had a beautiful post on natural Black beauty and loving your natural self. Thank you, KP! (Please check out his video on beauty & self- acceptance and his wonderful youtube channel!) It reminded me that I’ve been back natural for 10 years! I can remember telling my bald, male hairstylist that it’d […]

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A Request — MikiAshanti (a poetry share/repost)

Is it wrong To want to be surrounded by melanin Drowned in an ocean of blackness To be so happy that you don’t even Want to reach the surface To see yourself echoed in everything To feel your life truly begin Is that too much to ask for I think not I’m not asking […]

Happy Monday, y’all! Please give the poet some love via A Request — MikiAshanti

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Black men who love black women — Forever Black Effusion (a repost)

I was on the subway the other day, when the most beautiful woman I have ever seen walked on. Now I’m not one of those every black woman is a queen brothas, but I swear the way she walked with her head up high, her style and grace, her jewellery, her clothes and her dreadlocks […]

via Black men who love black women — Forever Black Effusion

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