Let’s teach our young men [and young ladies] how to be respectful. Hold them accountable. Let them express their sadness, their disappointments. Let them cry. Give them reasons to smile. Help them channel their anger. Foster their interests, talents and skills. Listen to them. Empower them. Be an example. ❤

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week 43 \\ 2015

 Many women have been tricked out their softness, inaccurately led to believe that it equates to weakness and docility. But a soft woman doesn’t necessarily mean a fragmented woman. There’s actually great strength in the irresistible softness of femininity. While she knows how to yield and surrender when necessary, a soft woman could be leading […]

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Rape culture is the worst kind of teacher our kids are learning the most from. Heavy. ❤

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Black Beauty: Full Throttle

I don’t know what I was doing in a crowded mall. [I like Mall of Georgia, but, in general, I kinda hate malls]. On a crowded Sunday. [I tend to be quite lazy on Sundays.] Ugh. Well, I do know; I’d just finished stuffing my face at brunch with mom and we walked around to […]

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