Teaching while Black. — RaceBaitR

Or how I came to hate warnings. By Goyland Williams I was warned. They told me how unprepared the students were. How most of the students were non-traditional. Not prepared. Eighty percent on financial aid. Not prepared. A Hispanic-Serving Institution. They told me how the students would struggle in class because they lacked the resources… via […]

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week 3|2017

You are beautiful, but is that all to you? What does your heart look like? How do you treat people? What lies within your soul? You are beautiful, but aren’t we all? What is there to you besides your beauty? –Karen Owusu photo ©Aea Baba  

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YOU go get a perm, Dick.

I met a young lady a few weeks ago who broke my heart. A little. Since my arms were full, she – let’s call her Angel – greeted me with a warm half hug and a loving cheek squish followed up with a shower of compliments to my freshly chopped low fade. Angel went on to […]

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How money & the White Gaze make you forget your Blackness, and how to resist. — RaceBaitR

By Said Shaiye Nearly every culture in the world today is centered around the premise that white is more valuable than black; that white skin carries with it an inherent infallibility and black skin is merely a foregone conclusion of criminality. Whiteness is universally understood to signify innocence, while blackness is intrinsically associated with guilt.… via […]

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