She’s Got Layers..Like an Onion

Finnnnnnnnnnnnaallllllllyyyy the season is changing and it’s getting a bit nippy in my neck of the woods-well, desert-so that means layering to keep warm, but not hot, is in order. The key is to team up garments that can be taken off when you’re inside or a little toasty, and add them when the opposite […]

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Rep Yo Hoodie

I used to sport every color, style-cropped, screen-printed, short or long-sleeved hoodie ever made. That was back in high school and all through college, and now I’m feeling a little resurgence of my hooded jacket cravings. But my taste has changed. Now I fancy a hoodie with style, an air of sophistication if you will. […]

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Fall in Love: Textured Talons

As you may know [if you know me in real life of follow my blog], I’m a nail/nail lacquer freak. I love clean, neat, creative, manicured nails. They can be great conversation pieces, extensions of your personality and accessories to your outfits. Textured nails are trending for fall but they can work in any season, […]

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Gem Class: Anike Jewels

I’ve had the pleasure of encountering and having beautiful artists in my life. This time, I got insight from a designer/model/entrepreneur colleague of mine. Bunmi is a great inspiration as well as fantastic designer and businesswoman. Read on to learn more about her and the light behind Anike Jewels: How did you get started? Anike […]

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