Who is the nigger?

Now here in this country, we’ve got something called a nigger.. We have invented the nigger. I didn’t invent him. White people invented him. I’ve always known, I had to know by the time I was 17 years old, What you were describing was not me, And what you were afraid of was not me […]

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week 13|2017

For something in me was just never satisfied. I would sit on the porch and stare at the mountains, convinced that there was something, something calling to me, beseeching me to “Come, come and drink from overflowing fountains!” There is another world out there beyond the tall green mountain trees. No telling what destiny will […] […]

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Scars are Diamonds (a reblog)

Due to a chemotherapy procedure I ended up with a nickel sized scar near my right shoulder blade, whenever I would go out I’d cover it with makeup and thought to myself “one day I’ll save enough money to fix it surgically”. Months later I had a hip replacement and a muscle flap and 4 […] […]

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week 12|2017

We can’t make people happy; we can only encourage happiness to be a part of their diet. Until they can take that step with themselves, nothing will matter; it’ll all feel like tires in the mud. And every move will feel muted, every accomplishment will seem to be on a path they wish they’d found […]

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© Fabrice Monteiro If melanin is a superconductor and absorbs all frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum, what does that make the Black woman and the Black man?  

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