week 17 // 2015

Rapper Mos Def has been officially dethroned from the top spot on my  celebrity hotties list. My new number one is Howard Zinn. {just kidding! Most Def fo life!!} Why did I just discover him tho, y’all??! It’s 2015! He’s written like 300 books! Well, maybe just 35. And has a movie on Netflix! And yes, […]

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week 16 \\ 2015

What a trying week I had. You know how people say that ‘it could always be worse’ or ‘at least you have your health’? Well.. yea, those things are true yet I can’t help but question what the bleep is going on. Why am I being tested? What are these trials here to teach or […]

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week 15 \\ 2015

So, with the help of my wise cousin Candace, I discovered Stevi. She’s a blogger after my own heart, y’all. I swear. She is a wonderfully refreshing writer, perfectly blending humor, eloquence and candor. Super smart as well. I binged read a handful of her posts and asked permission to share this piece in particular: […]

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just 3 days without sugar

So since we moved to the dirty dirty, my fam has been going kinda hard with the abundance of delicious food choices Atlanta and the surrounding has to offer. Since I’ve lived here before, I knew what was up, but they have had a definite influence now that they’re here with me. Anywho, instead of […]

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