week 8 \\ 2015

It’s a struggle, but, as a creator, I often get down a little too hard on myself. I tell myself I should be at this artist’s level, selling my work like her, or have an online gallery like this guy. These thoughts cut me down pretty tough sometimes. But I know how good I am, […]

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week 7 // 2015

true story: So I had a recent conversation with an old sister friend. She’s super intelligent, ambitious, educated, funny as hell and beeeeeautiful. She enjoys a little debate, will definitely challenge you if she doesn’t understand your pov. And she’s not crazy, at least not in a bad way. Very cultured and strong and independent […]

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week 6 \\ 2015

This week ends with the worst “holiday” ever created in life ever. Valentine’s Day. 😐 Ugh it just irks me! It’s funny because, as a kid, I used to really enjoy it. I got lots of cards from classmates and friends, plush toys, candy and other sweets. But as an adult, I see it for […]

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week 5 \\ 2015

February already y’all! Have you kept up with your new year, new you bs?? No? Me either haha. But really, I realized some changes needed to be made long before 01 Jan 2015, so I made them. Or, at the very least, put them in my mind daily. I’ve learned so many things in my […]

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