week 52 || 2016

Like many, I take the final few days of the calendar year to reflect-partly because I’ve been conditioned to do so, partly because of this new moon and partly because it coincides with yet another solar return. Whooop! And I am so fortunate to be another year older with a positive future on the horizon. […]

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Remnants of the Human Condition

Human Condition: “the characteristics, key events, and situations which compose the essentials of human existence… such as birth, growth, conflict, and mortality… including religion, philosophy, history, art, and sociology.” I was personally invited by one of the curators to view Remnants of the Human Condition. You know, all exclu xclu (pronounced: ex(s)klOO skloo) style in my […]

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coloreds only

Thanks for sharing this interesting video, Melanin Man. Imagine how different this country might be if we never “integrated”.. I see more pros than cons.

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week 51 | 2016

you, you You ever wonder how much of your stress is perpetual? Or how many times you’ve placed yourself on pedestals on the backs of your peers’ mishaps, failures, misdirection, misinformation, and demise. if it’s your fear apprehension or condescension that ghostwrite your choices? Or if your conviction or stubbornness defines you? I guess I […]

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