baby, bend ovah

I don’t practice yoga often but I do find it very effective [when I apply myself]. It’s difficult! [Although I do find peace + clarity in meditation, I’m more of a runner/cardio/let’s get this over with kinda chick when it comes to staying active.] My sister is pretty into it though, has a mat and […]

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week 38 \\ 2015

{click to enlarge} Artists of all realms -graphic designers, interior decorators, photographers, chefs, illustrators, fashion stylists, etc- live in our own world. Many people just aren’t going to get it. Ever. And that’s ok. Don’t let it discourage or hinder your [untapped] greatness. ❤

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I have felt it when he spoke my name the earth quaked and my everything melted our eyes locked and my heart leapt every time I knew I have felt it when I lost my thought thinking of his smile his skin his breath his taste I have felt it when his arms warm strong […]

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