Remind your daughters that they are more than their physical traits. (their breasts, curves and their thighs). yes, you are beautiful, but that’s not enough to pay your bills. to put food on the table. you are not a one night stand to soak all your sugar and honey for every man that passes by […]

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week 11

Pro-tip: Don’t let the toxic mixture of fear and laziness fuck with your goals, ambition and productivity. -unknown photo credit; no copyright infringement intended

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week 10

When they say you’re difficult, When they say you’re a challenge, When they say you don’t fit in, When they say you stand out, Always remember that what they can’t quite express is that you’re outstanding. –The Jeli

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Reclaiming My Time

“I’m reclaiming my time!” has to be my favorite quote of 2017 and I am as serious as Auntie Maxine with its usage. Last month, I met a fellow blogger, was introduced to her blog then read a post that changed my life. For those that aren’t ready to face the man in the mirror, the […]

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