week 26 || 2016: halfway

Hey, loves! I hope your dreams are continuing to manifest as we go into the second half of 2016. If not, I hope that you recognize what needs to be done to bring them to fruition. On the first Wednesday of last year, I started Weekly Word posts to inspire, enlighten and entertain anyone who may […]

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week 25 || 2016

i don’t want to live unscathed. i want to live like the moon full of craters, beautiful because of my scars not in spite of them. -pavana ❤ photo: © Joey Rosado | model: caxmee

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angry black woman

P.S. This was written + performed before the whole American Airlines incident, which, in my opinion, absolutely exemplifies what she was conveying in this piece. Felt. Every fucking word. ❤

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