Ten Years In

I’ve had a harrowing week and I almost forgot that TODAY (or someday very soon!) is my 10 year blogging anniversary! Wooo hoooooooo!!! So much has changed since I started in 2012 as a fashion blogger. Now that I write from the heart and engagement has increased, I’ve gained some amazing readers and subscribers! I […]

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I’m About to Go Off!

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by my graphic designer, super supporter, beautiful and inspiring creator friend Cameia Williams of Go&C: Go Off & Create. Our chat was a sort of addendum to this post where I shared how relinquishing control actually helps me stay in control. Go Off & Create, LLC is […]

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Blogger Appreciation

Although I love that you, in particular, read and share ruminative comments, blog reading is equally gratifying; I get a tasty little sliver of the writer’s mind and spirit through their words. Mmm! And, since human feelings can be fleeting, there is always a fresh slice to be shared. And not only is there flavor […]

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Blogging Challenge Day 12: Your Zodiac Sign + Does It Fit Your Personality?

According to Cosmopolitan, Capricorns are ambitious, realistic, sensitive, practical, disciplined, pessimistic, dry and uptight. Sounds about right. Following my big sister’s lead, I used to soak up my horoscope in high school and college, but later realized that many other people I encountered whose birth dates fall under different signs possess my same, Capricorn-specific qualities […]

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