bee bop beep

If you didn’t know, The Internet is like the best band ever. [Ok, maybe second best. After The Gap Band.] They’re into making funky/soothing magic [they call it experimental soul] melodies with the angelic lead vocals of Syd tha Kyd. They have a new album and I’m anticipating it’s gonna be just as amazing as […]

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summa summa summatiiime

Along with a third birthday, summer is here! Yaaaay! Summer is my second favorite season [a close 2nd to spring] for many reasons: One: I love warm weather. {It’s the southern Cali and African in me, boo.} I’ll take a hot beach over snowy mountaintops any day. Two: I can be pretty much be naked […]

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week 25 \\ 2015: 3

Whoop! I almost forgot but is THREE now! How the years flew by.. I have thought, many a time, that I should just shut it down because nobody reads. [Seriously, wtf, adults can’t take the time to read a one-sentence photo caption these days.] But I stopped caring because I have been shown so […]

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a day for fathers

In a time like the present, WE need to continuously celebrate and perpetuate Black love. It will be a long while, if ever, that the media sheds a flattering light on our bonds. We can’t leave it up to them anyway; they prefer to show brothers cheating and emotionally unavailable to sisters, yet happy with non-Black […]

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cuz I thought this was appropriate for today and I really like J. Cole 🙂 More music like this, please. More visuals like this, please. More artists like this, PLEASE. Happy Juneteenth!! ❤

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