Museday: Vaginas

This past weekend, I attended a yoni-themed art show, These Walls Talk, hosted by the aesthetician homie Kim of VaVaVoom at Paragon7 in Atlanta. By now, you know I thoroughly enjoy the visual arts, so I had to share some highlights with you all. And apologies in advance for not catching every artist’s name. Some creators […]

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Teach Us to Number Our Days In the old neighborhood, each funeral parlor is more elaborate than the last. The alleys smell of cops, pistols bumping their thighs, each chamber steeled with a slim blue bullet.   Low-rent balconies stacked to the sky. A boy plays tic-tac-toe on a moon crossed by TV antennae, dreams […]

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week 11 | 2016

We come from energy and turn back into energy. We are all matter for only a very short time. Make sure that when you are matter, you matter. -unknown ❤ {photo cred: pinterest}

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like it’s golden

I visited Stone Mountain Park for the first time last week. If you’re passing thru Atlanta or its many suburbs and you enjoy nature beyond The Discovery Channel, hiking/walking and beautiful views, I’d say give it a gander. Thanks to Josie over at Mind Jo Business for re-sparking my interest in taking this trip! I […]

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