Ten Years In

I’ve had a harrowing week and I almost forgot that TODAY (or someday very soon!) is my 10 year blogging anniversary! Wooo hoooooooo!!!

So much has changed since I started in 2012 as a fashion blogger. Now that I write from the heart and engagement has increased, I’ve gained some amazing readers and subscribers! I don’t always know what to say or even feel like saying whatever it may be at the time, but I am quite sure that if I didn’t have you giving me feedback, I would be questioning my future in the blogosphere. So, thank you!

The things I’ve learnt and shared on my seventh anniversary still hold true. Blogging (reading your posts and writing mine) has definitely become a great source of inspiration and information. It’s a creative outlet and a form of entertainment; blogging is the elevated, VIP section of social media. I appreciate that I can make positive connections with each of you⏤near and far⏤through words on a glass screen. What a world!

I hope you will stick around for at least 10 more. Cheers!

17 thoughts on “Ten Years In

  1. Congratulations Kelley! I love your work, and I’m happy to know you’ll be with us for much, much longer lol was afraid I’d have to bring out my telescope 😀

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