week twenty-six: 7th anniversary special

Last week, WordPress reminded me with a congratulations that’d I’ve been blogging for seven years. Yay me!

I’d like to share with you seven things I’ve learned and practice in my short journey:

  1. People are going to have an opinion about you no matter what, so you might as well be yourself and share your truth. Being yourself is way cooler than being PC, boring and trite.
  2. No one can do what you do, even in a seemingly oversaturated market/platform.
  3. You may run out of things to say from time to time; enjoy the breaks.
  4. Don’t let doubts, opinions or lack of support steer you from your path. Keep writing. Keep sharing.
  5. Strangers on the internet may support you more than your friends and family! It’d be wise not to take it personally and welcome the stranger support with open arms.
  6. The engagement from blogging is way more rewarding than the entire realm of social media. People actually read here.
  7. Remember: keep writing. Keep sharing. Someone hears you. You have the ability to brighten someone’s day, entertain or stimulate a mind with your words.

Thanks for being here.

17 thoughts on “week twenty-six: 7th anniversary special

  1. I needed #2 in order to remind me to keep going, to keep doing what I do. And #6 is so very true in my personal experience. It’s become evident to me that most people don’t actually read what you post on social media. They just see the picture, press the ‘like’ button and keep it scrolling. It can be a bit disheartening when you’re looking for engagement and feedback.

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