Day to Play, In My White Tee

Happy Monday, all! Today I’d like to pay homage to another trendy classic: the white tee. They’ve supposedly been around since the turn of the 19th century [] and. as we all know, many trends come and disappear as quick as they came in the fashion world. But white tees, and tees in general, have […]

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Urban Olympian

I am very excited for The Olympic Games this year, as I am every four years. I am a huuuuuge fan of diving, gymnastics, ice skating, track-pretty much all of the superhuman strength sports. I’d love to one day root root root for my home team [even though I just love to watch, regardless of […]

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A Kodak Moment Every Moment

Looking your best doesn’t always mean having to spend a fortune on at the salon, an entirely new wardrobe, more make-up or plastic surgery. I’d like to share some real solutions [some that I actually implement] to quickly and inexpensively look your best this summer for the impromptu beach photo shoot or the inevitable family […]

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Hot in the Kitchen

As summer drags on, so does the heat. That’s not much motivation for cooking an elaborate meal, but cooking and eating  healthy and light goes beyond sandwiches and salads. Since fish has a plethora of nutrients and benefits, tastes magnifico and cooks fairly quickly, it’s been my go to this summer. Broiled, baked, [occasionally fried] […]

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