week 26|2017

Seek out spaces that encourage you to: know better be better. Surround yourself with people who build, not coddle, you on your journey. Love yourself enough to be proven wrong. –nwabisa ❤

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Who Are You? (a reblog)

Who are you? Discussions of identity take the answer to this basic question for granted. The “I” that is invoked by the speaker is typically described as a series of characteristics or attributes. Thus, the person usually says “I am [insert list of adjectives here].” A hidden and problematic assumption, though, is that the “I” […] […]

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week 25|2017: Giving Thanks

Happy fifth birtheversary to my blog! Yes, people. It has been five years since gray suede’s inception. {Click here to laugh at my struggle.} I don’t know where the time went either, but it’s been a fun ride. Also the ride has been bumpy. Deserted. Lonely. I swear I could hear crickets. I would go […]

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Head in the Cloudland

Cloudland Canyon had been on my radar for over a year; I mean, look at it. After my trip to San Juan, I thought hey, where can I hike that resembles heaven without hopping on a plane?  Cloudland is one of sixty Georgia state parks and is located in Rising Fawn about two hours northwest […]

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