week 22: choosy lover

Choose people who choose you.  A social media account I’m subscribed to posted this as a reminder to those of us who can’t seem to get it. Yes, you may be awesome. Smart. Sexy. Funny. Ambitious with an infectious smile. Charismatic and interesting. Give great advice and heartfelt hugs with a knack for making everyone […]

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Generation Z (a repost)

The art of conversation lost in a digital generation We sit in silence eyes glued to screens Ignoring those begging to be seen Whatever happened to deep convos getting lost in theories and ideas Meaningful words connecting energetically lingering stares Nowadays It’s all so rare -Dionne MT- Breathe Think Write Release A word via Generation Z […]

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week 21

Be mindful of how you treat people. Be mindful of how you handle things. Be mindful of your intentions. Be mindful. -alex elle ❤

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week 20

So many people glorify and romanticize “busy”. I do not. I value purpose. I believe in resting in reason and moving in passion. If you’re always busy/,loving, you will miss the important details. I like mountains. Still, but when it moves, lands shift and Earth quakes. -unknown to me ❤

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