Black on Black Love

I feel GLOSSRAGS is especially fitting for this edition of Black Every Friday. If nothing else, the And Counting tees can spark a conversation. Keep that necessary dialogue going. Pose as a reminder of the senseless acts of violence damaging + taking the lives of our loved ones. I purchased a shirt from this young sister, Randi Gloss [seen above], […]

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week 30 \\ 2015

BLACK WOMEN:  When you fail to LOVE and PROTECT your identity, it becomes a joke.  [I read this on the Tired Sista blog &, of course, it resonated with me.] Wake up. Spread some love. Share some knowledge. ❤

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cash rules everything around me

I know you’ve seen the drug ad subsequent to the commercial to participate in the lawsuit against said drug with the $1 burger promo after that and then the magic weight loss pill followed by the loving image of the embrace you’ll receive when you arrive at the diabetic nerve pain treatment center. These images […]

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week 29 \\ 2015

If you are doing something to prove others wrong then you’re doing it for them, not you. Don’t burn yourself out for people that don’t care. The moment you stop looking for approval, you elevate + self-realization is all the validation you need. (Adrian Michael Green) ❤

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