awwww jheeeeaaaaaa

Y’aaaaall, this is my new favorite music video {the song goes kinda tough too}, so you know I had to share!  And that’s saying a lot cuz they can be so boring these days! And, sure, maybe I’m a lil picky cuz I like a good visual to go along with a good song. Or at […]

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My Black Life Matters Too: Acknowledging Police Brutality Against Black Women

Originally posted on A Woman's Worth:
By De La Fro Eric Garner. Tamir Rice. Mike Brown. Sean Bell. Oscar Grant. All names that ring a bell for most, right? But what about Sheneque Proctor? Aiyana Stanley-Jones? Rekia Boyd? Tarika Wilson? Oftentimes throughout the discussion of state violence, black men are centered, leaving black women…

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week 20 \\ 2015

I know body shaming is nothing new to this country, but there’s this crazy commercial that’s kinda seriously haunting me! And I have seen it several times. Late at night. When they know single women are up. Alone. Snacking. Watching Snapped and contemplating the meaning of life.. Suuuuper wack, right?? Like beyond. I have no […]

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week 19 \\ 2015

Hey, lovers. I have writer’s block somethin serious so I’ll leave you with: Growth is the necessary tool to create the best version of yourself and create the most fulfilling life. If you’re already right where you wanna be, whoooa! Cheers to you, ya showoff. If you’re like most of us, keep that head up […]

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week 18 \\ 2015 : the dress code

Maybe I’m getting old? Possibly people have just become increasingly careless? Maybe both. My eyes see just way too many pajamas and butt cracks in public. And these people are having kids and teaching their kids not to care either. Why though?? I’m so confused. And kinda annoyed. One of the reasons why I love the […]

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