awwww jheeeeaaaaaa

Y’aaaaall, this is my new favorite music video {the song goes kinda tough too}, so you know I had to share!  And that’s saying a lot cuz they can be so boring these days! And, sure, maybe I’m a lil picky cuz I like a good visual to go along with a good song. Or at […]

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My Black Life Matters Too: Acknowledging Police Brutality Against Black Women

Originally posted on A Woman's Worth:
By De La Fro Eric Garner. Tamir Rice. Mike Brown. Sean Bell. Oscar Grant. All names that ring a bell for most, right? But what about Sheneque Proctor? Aiyana Stanley-Jones? Rekia Boyd? Tarika Wilson? Oftentimes throughout the discussion of state violence, black men are centered, leaving black women…

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week 20 \\ 2015

I know body shaming is nothing new to this country, but there’s this crazy commercial that’s kinda seriously haunting me! And I have seen it several times. Late at night. When they know single women are up. Alone. Snacking. Watching Snapped and contemplating the meaning of life.. Suuuuper wack, right?? Like beyond. I have no […]

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