coloreds only

Thanks for sharing this interesting video, Melanin Man. Imagine how different this country might be if we never “integrated”.. I see more pros than cons.

15 thoughts on “coloreds only

    1. I agree with KP. I am completely baffled by how much are people deny and refuse to listen to and take heed when we tell them the very same facts stated in this video. It’s easier to accept crumbs off of another man’s plate versus making your own.

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  1. My grandfather was a Black Barber who was not allowed to cut black hair and white hair in the same shop. He chose to cut white hair because they had more money. He was shunned by the Black community.

    Although integration destroyed the Black community, it is up to us to rebuild it by controlling the things we can control and supporting Black businesses whenever possible.

    Good article.

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    1. It is always hard to accept the fact that we can control this, be more frugal and discerning with our spending. Nothing speaks louder than money. Support companies that have a track record for community support. Seek out ways to buy from the small business man routinely. Even if you have to talk with owners personally and build relationships.

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      1. Yes indeed, we have so much more control than we choose to exercise. I’ve racked my brain trying to understand what all the factors are that keep us from wanting to adjust our spending habits. I’ve heard many reasons for why certain blacks choose to take their business to white businesses:

        1. The customer service is better
        2. More affordable options
        3. More product options – period.
        4. Trust in the product
        5. Convenience (i.e. locations, quicker service, etc.)

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        1. The problem is an addiction to cool. Some of us feel we must have the newest biggest everything. The poorest amongst us have the biggest tv’s, most expensive sneakers, iPhones. Cool: being as close to what is represented by the haves on tv. Focused, humble, and educated aren’t cool. This is only one reason. Also, the haves amongst us tend to feed on us also without any give back. I am sure you have seen lines of poor brown youngsters waiting for the newest Jordan shoe. Where is the Michael Jordan School, even Oprah’s school in Africa could use an American version in Chicago.

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          1. I see no lies, Ms. Liz! I’ve had neighbors in the HOOD who drive Audis, Benzes and new Acuras? Looking so fresh with empty refrigerators. Our priorities are all out of order!

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          2. The problem is we know this our own comedians speak on it all the time. We DON’t wAnt to. We buy all of the wrong things. We need stocks, penny stocks, schools for coding in the neighborhoods we live in. Financial advice starting in middle school, needs to happen. We need to know what those who sell to us are thinking. Home buying workshops. etc.

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  2. I wondered why we couldn’t be like other cultures and really understand the value of our dollar and circulating it within the community. I think one of the main differences is the connection between the people and their culture. We really had a rotten deal that made us still – to this day – searching for our roots, not knowing our culture and not being able to reach back to our native land for support. All of that was pretty much wiped out. However, it doesn’t mean we can’t rebuild that link. It’s just going to take a lot of time, a lot of education, a lot of healing and a lot of community. I pray it does happen, though. It would be a beautiful thing to see.

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