hot coco

Coco Chanel that is..

I dream of having the luxury to dress like this. Daily. For work. For a lunch date. For a casual business meeting. But in my current field working in childcare, all I really think about when choosing an outfit is 1). What’s comfortable? and 2). What do I not mind getting puke or pee on? My work attire is just lackluster. It doesn’t allow me to really have fun or be super stylish and funky. Don’t get me wrong, I love everything in my closet, but some pieces are so much more special than others. So, until I find my place in my desired field and become one of those very fabulous, established fashion bloggers with their ootd posts in beautiful, designer garb, I’m starting my own acronym:

dootd: dream outfit of the day

Laugh if you want to. ..One day, y’all. One day.

hot coco

Mary Katrantzou sweater

Skater skirt

Chanel clutch

Neon scarve
$40 –

Wayfarer sunglasses

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