a bit of black herstory

Sanitary Belt.
Sanitary Belt with Moisture-proof Napkin Pocket.
Carrier attachment for invalid walkers.
Bathroom Tissue Holder.
Back washer mounted on a shower wall and bathtub.

Mary Beatrice was born on May 17, 1912. Her sister, Mildred, invented the Family Treeditions game, which -you guessed it- helps people learn of their ancestors and family trees. And instead of selling the rights, Mildred manufactured the game + sold it herself.

They believed that their natural talent for discovery came from their nurturing, inventive father, Sidney Nathaniel Davidson; when Mary was a toddler, he started creating a pants presser that was patented in 1914.

Mary’s work on the Sanitary napkin wasn’t patented until 1956, and it wouldn’t be until 30 years after that she would be allocated a patent. The company first interested in her idea rejected it after they discovered she was an African American woman.

She also worked as a professional floral arranger who operated her own business. [source]

I had no idea what a sanitary belt was nor did I know the inventor of the bathroom tissue holder was a Black woman! I hope you learned a bit of history as well.

7 thoughts on “a bit of black herstory

  1. Wow. I will never look at a toilet roll holder the same again. I love that it was a family trait to create and invent and Mary’s perseverance is inspiring. What made you come across these facts?

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