summer soundtrack: ladies edition

The Stuyvesants are still high on the playlist, but I’ve added a lot of goodies since that post. These are just a few of my new [and renewed] favorite ladies that define summer with their pure, earthy, funky and uplifting sounds. To me, they transcend the Sunday house cleaning party, the backyard BBQ, transits to the plantation and creative time.

I hope you take a moment to listen to something different that you’re not likely to hear on the radio-not in the US anyway. [You can thank me later]:

  • Abra is just so cool and weird. Listening to her is like enjoying an ice cream cone riding along the scenic coastal highway with the top down on a late summer evening. In 1994. [The breakdown at 4:19 always takes me.]

  • Laura Mvula not only has a magical singing voice, but she also uses it to spread awareness of injustices in the workplace. And this video is just my favorite thing right now. I should have been in it.

  • You already know how much I love Alex Isley. She released a lovely album in December and all of her music stays in heavy rotation. It’s timeless.
  • Ngaiire is my most recent discovery. I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon her, but it was meant to be. She has some really funky tunes that make cleaning the bathroom a breeze.
  • Like Abra, Nao‘s sound gives me strong 90s vibes. And I love the 90s. A lot. She is definitely my current favorite; I just can’t get enough. Her EPs are hot hot fire and her new album dropped Friday! [Bad Blood is my still my number one, if you were curious.]
  • Irma has a youthful, worldly feel. I think anyone, depending on the occasion, can get down to her songs. It’s great getting-ready-for-the-day music.
  • Lastly, Eryn Allen Kane is the hypothetical result of Mariah Carey, Tamia and Andra Day mixing their vocals into a tiny test tube. She has a bold, soulful sound with just the right amount of softness.

In a time where I’m usually turning up my nose to some bullshit whenever I turn on the radio, these talented ladies remind me that good music is still out there.

Who’s on your playlist?

7 thoughts on “summer soundtrack: ladies edition

  1. Thanks so much for sharing. I’m always in the market for good music. I’m a listener of Laura Mvula, once I saw her name on your playlist I knew I had to pay attention. Gotta admit Abra is cool. Sampling her on iTunes led me to Iman Omari, St. Beauty and Kali Uchis (she’s of Colombian descent interestingly enough). The Stuyvesants remind me of The Stroke and a bit of MGMT (I guess I’m showing my age lol). It’s all good and your playlist choices sound all good. Once again, thanks for the tunes. Keep sharing and I hope you too get a chance to enjoy some of my shares. ✌

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