The Black woman is the only organism that possesses the mitochondrial DNA that has all the variations possible for every different kind of human being on this Earth. When the DNA of a Black woman mutates, all other types of humans come about. This is called the EVE gene and is only found in Black women.

Do you believe it? Is this why society downplays our greatness?

Is this why so many of us mysteriously disappear?

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    1. It is pretty interesting. I hadn’t heard of her before last year either. And looking around, I’ve seen her story being told-always accompanied with photos of a Black woman with short, curly hair. Makes me wonder why such a story exists.

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  1. Now that is genuinely intriguing. It makes one wonder if other people sense this on some strange, indefinable level, and that’s why black women are oppressed from every angle? I really wouldn’t know but it’s food for thought, isn’t it?

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      1. Yes, we are. All other “races” (which are truly subhumans) have the Neanderthal gene. If you research, you will find photos of them with horns growing out their heads, a bunch of hair on their bodies and other deformities and things. It’s crazy.

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        1. My sister’s good friend in college worked in a hospital + said you wouldn’t believe how many babies she saw being born with tails.

          It’s definitely crazy. Thanks for the knowledge and tuning in.

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          1. Wow! I saw pictures online and was just telling a friend the other day that I believed they still are born with tails but cut the tails off when they are born. You just confirmed this for me. Thanks!

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          2. It is. They just hide it. Unless you research extensively, are in the medical industry or know someone who is, you’ll have no knowledge of this.

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  2. My mother was always accused of being the babysitter of my siblings. They look like light skinned Latinos. My mother resembled more Harriet Tubman or Sojourner Truth, dark and serious. I am now accused of lying when I call them my sisters. People are stupid because they don’t read, if they did they be surprised by their power.


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