Goddess Gang

I’m proud to say I was a part of this beautiful visual; I’ll show it to my daughters one day. Thanks for always presenting us in a positive light, Sa-Roc ❤


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11 thoughts on “Goddess Gang

  1. This video was really dope! I saw it yesterday. Sa-Roc always comes with powerful lyrics. When I met her in person she gave me a big hug. She seems so sweet. I also saw my friend Herb Alkhemyst in the video. There was quite a few familiar faces. I saw the adorable Mama Funshine. I also think I spotted Marchelle Tigner. I know most of these ladies live in the Atlanta area except for Alkhemyst. Where are you Kelley? I think I missed you. It was hard to tell since there were so many beautiful women in the video. I felt like I was being hypnotized by so much beauty lol

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    1. Sa-Roc is really sweet right! I always love how she juxtaposes the hard and soft spots of Black womanhood.
      And yes, I have to agree that our sisters are breathtakingly gorgeous! You know I’m tall so I was pretty much in the back in the park/all white scenes. This visual just came together so beautifully I almost feel unworthy! Almost lol

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      1. Yes the video is lovely! The visuals are magnificent. It’s beautiful to see so much glowing melanin in one video. Sa-Roc is really sweet. I called her by her government name,she looked back at me like “What did you say”. She’s was cool. Now I need to watch the video again and look for you lol

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  2. I can appreciate positive black women enhancing their vibration and frequency higher and living as Goddess. Melanin is beautiful and that much more when it is presented in its proper state of being. I look forward to conversing with you more about Return of the Gods, poetry, spoken word, and positivity

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