one moodyass poem

Lately I can’t seem to shake these thoughts of you. They say when you think of someone so much, they’re thinking of you too. But that can’t be because you’d call or text like you used to do. Telling me about you and your days until it was no longer new. Our once lavish garden […]

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week 16 \\ 2015

What a trying week I had. You know how people say that ‘it could always be worse’ or ‘at least you have your health’? Well.. yea, those things are true yet I can’t help but question what the bleep is going on. Why am I being tested? What are these trials here to teach or […]

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week 13 \\ 2015

I just discovered this word and I dunno if it’s “real” but I like: pluviophile: (n)a lover of rain: someone who finds joy and peace of mind in rainy days Literally, yes, of course, who doesn’t love the rain?? It’s sexy. And relaxing. But figuratively, I read it as someone who understands and even appreciates […]

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