B for H&M


I am not mad at Mrs. Carter debuting a collection for H&M. I feel like it brings her back down to Earth a bit-makes her more relatable, even tangible. With H&M being known for affording the masses great style at extremely reasonable prices, Beyoncé attaching her multi-million dollar name and face to such a sensible brand is quite refreshing. And the line is also refreshing-debuting in perfect time for summer in an array of bright and bold colors, with a resortwear feel, a touch of retro charm and a lot of sex appeal.




I don’t find the Mrs. Carter collection being unique from much of what we’re seeing in stores this spring, but with her name on it, I’m sure it’ll sell very well – and fast! What do you think of the collection?? Will you be one of the first in line at H&M tomorrow [May 2nd]? If so, happy shopping!!


[I appreciate y’all sticking with an infant blogger. I feel like my creative juices have returned so I’ll definitely be back on my blog grind with plenty more to share. Bless!!]

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