Simmer Down

Just a light recap: The Simmer Down Picnic was presented by Chop It Up x Good Hearts Win-a summer outdoor experience in creative company. This was a great event for all involved; vendors and attendees alike got to indulge in local music, local foods, and a local vintage shop. And, of course, mingle pretty tough with some super cool locals.


I still haven’t come down from my high since the loveliness that the Simmer Down Picnic imposed upon my soul last Sunday. I could not have asked for a better opportunity to launch my and my sister’s all natural desserts. It was beautiful.




For us first timers, the anxiety was high but the weekend prep and morning of went pretty smoothly. The birds were chirping. The buttlerflies were flittering. The weather was perfect. But the vibes! The vibes were amazing! There was an abundance of authenticity, pride, individuality and beauty at this event. Such a great group of people with like minds that just wanted to have a good time, chill out, eat good, dance and network.

photo cred: @vekneal {via ig}
photo cred: @vekneal {via ig}

It was all that.

photo cred: @prtraci {via ig}
photo cred: @prtraci {via ig}

And then some.

photo cred: @rmonica_ {via ig}
photo cred: @romonica_ {via ig}

We were pretty occupied spittin game and slanging sweets that we didn’t get to take many photos [so I stole some from some attendees]. We laughed a lot, made some great connections, and sold a great amount of our baked love. I’m not the type to speak on things with “outsiders” until they can see it, but the things that my sis and I have privately shared with each other and the affirmations I’ve given myself are finally coming into fruition.

It was just a little thought one day. And now. It’s happening.

{P.S. You can still gofundus and place an order via email[PayPal only] if you’re in the Atlanta area.}

I’ll keep you all posted on the Two Dough Girls takeover. ❤

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