All Power to the People

We took power and control instead of asking for it.


I watched Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution on Tuesday and I learned a lot. The BPP is much more than what I knew of it. It was enlightening to hear actual testimony from members, folks that were in the thick of it-the good, the bad and the ugly. Essentially, they created a party to protect themselves because the police wouldn’t fulfill their job + often practiced the opposite.

And non-violence wasn’t working.


I find it to have been a pretty smart move, organizing to protect and serve your community. Being strategic. Exercising basic human rights. It’s disgusting the great lengths the FBI and J. Edgar Hoover [I’m certain the J. stands for jackass] went to to harm, kill, discredit + dismantle The Party, just for standing up for themselves and demanding equal rights. The nerve of Black humans wanting to just be left alone – to drive/walk/eat/sleep/be in peace! Psshhh! But they were still able to make some major moves for their communities and our people. I watched it on PBS for free, but if you don’t have a TV:

Anyway, I took many things from it, but, an artist I guess, I took a particular interest in Emory Douglas. His artwork was featured in most of The Black Panther newspapers and it is just dope.


Every true artist has the responsibility of expressing the social plight of their generation.



Although it was decades ago, it seems not much has changed. I’m pretty sure it’s gotten worse actually. Every time we unite, somehow we fall. Each time we have a new leader or strong voice, he or she mysteriously comes up dead or in jail. The system was not created for us to be strong, by now I get that, but it is still inspiring to witness a time when we were a united front, even if it was just for a little while.

all artwork ©Emory Douglas

13 thoughts on “All Power to the People

  1. All Power to the People Kelley! I found this doc to be pretty interesting too. It always amazes me how each African American’s talents were valued for the movement, whether it was this or something else. I’m not sure that there’s that unified movement now. I’m not even sure we can agree what to “move” on…

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  2. I hate to use excuses because I am firm advocate of building our own everything, but we definitely do have reasons as to why we are in our current situation. Look at the lengths the government took in order to not only dismantle the Black Panther Party but to dismantle the black family dynamic. And this is all within my parents lifetime. Only reason why I say this is because I hate when people try to act or say that we should just get over it but have no understanding of the obstacles we have and still face to this day. “Get out of my face!” But I will check out the documentary when I get some time. Thanks for sharing. The whole Panther movie is on YouTube as well

    On the bright-side the artwork is dope!

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    1. Exactly. Anything aimed at out betterment is kept in the dark or broken down. It’s sad. It’s not that we haven’t tried. Our leaders and movements just keep getting killed.

      The art is dope right! Thanks so much for your insightful feedback.


  3. I have got to see this damn documentary. I keep saying that and then forgetting to watch it. :/ I will make this my Friday night goal! Also, I believe we can and will unite. It’s going to be a struggle but it’s very possible. I think we just need to focus on being more proactive than reactive. I wrote about it in my post for today. I think you’ll dig it.

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