Hidden Gem: Ari Lennox

I discovered Ari’s beautiful voice by way of this track via Black&SexyTV… and you can hear why I’m in love.


tumbla | download

14 thoughts on “Hidden Gem: Ari Lennox

  1. When I first heard about Ari it had nothing to do with her music. I saw on a blog about two or three years ago that she was romantically linked with actress Raven Symone. Of course Raven is a self-hating clown that I already knew was a lesbian. But I was glad to hear that the rumors weren’t true. Ari is a gorgeous sista! I would hate to find out she likes women. But I can appreciate a person’t music regardless if they’re gay or not. And she has a great voice. I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot from her in the future.

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