week 19 || 2016

blnce1Our generation is becoming so busy trying to prove that women can do what men can do that women are losing their uniqueness. Women weren’t created to do everything a man can do; women were created to do everything a man can’t do. -unknown

I took these statements a few ways; 1. gender roles have been severely blurred; duh 2. this whole supermom/superwoman concept has women becoming kinda scary independent -oftentimes to our detriment [stop frontin like you don’t want love, girl!]- taking on the weight of the world when we shouldn’t, concluding all men are weak because they run from our superpower of doing everything in full makeup wearing heels + in a timely fashion without breaking a sweat, and 3. There are countless roles both men and women can play and play well, but we are not equal in a sense that we can and should do everything men can. We create that necessary balance when we share equally vital –yet different– responsibilities in life; in general terms, I believe women are just naturally better at certain tasks while men excel in others.

I kept my opinion short as to not influence yours. I would really like to hear your perspective.

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26 thoughts on “week 19 || 2016

  1. I had this same conversation with brother the other day. Gender roles have been switched but it was a long time coming. I stay home with the kids and my wife works.m so I understand the situation although I wouldn’t trade my position with hers at this moment in time due to the fact the workplace is not conducive to black individualism. Plus I really love my kids😍😍😍😍

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    1. See I have no issues with that. With the cost of childcare, the destruction of the family unit and all the perversity these days, I would want my partner or myself [or a trusted relative] to be home with the kids too. Although it is not traditional, I respect it. Mom and dad both play equally strong roles in rearing + physical presence/interaction is so vital.

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  2. I fluctuate between women can do anything and sometimes we need a man. Sometimes? All the time? I don’t know. There’s definitely a reason for the dichotomy. So as I write this, I think that’s my answer today. We ignore the dichotomy of it all. For example, we act is if we only need the sun, when the moon is just as important, right? We act is if being so-called “good” is the only way, when doing so-called “bad” things have their place. On a separate, yet related note, I also think it’s kind of like race relations. Black people are so busy trying to attain whiteness that they’ve forgotten about their own self-worthiness. Women seem to be the same in some regards, always striving to prove they can be like a man that they neglect their own self-worthiness. Guess after all of that, I agree lol

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    1. Yessssssss! Thank you for your wisdom! You spoke nothing but the truth; your examples are spot on.

      Balance is key. I mean sure I can kill a spider or help construct a highway.. but do I want to? No.

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    2. I’m very similar in this way. We DO act as if we only need one element when in truth we need both/all. I also think we are an adaptive people in that we make lemonade out of lemons, and become accustomed to it…forgetting that there are other sources of liquid to quench our thirst. If that makes sense…I almost can’t blame us for forgetting the balance, as we tend to forget things that seem hard for us to obtain.

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  3. Excellent post! Many of the ideas of role and race are defined by “authority” and programmed through public school and media. I personally believe it is an intentional effort to keep people disconnected from the reality of their source and confused about their identity and purpose and power. We waste our life’s energy trying to conform to a contrived concept of what black or white is or male or female when the Creator has already instilled that knowledge within us. I believe perhaps that culture keeps us seeking answers outside ourselves when all the while the “kingdom is within.”

    I love the picture! I thought about who was the strongest. Is it the man who can hold her above his head or the woman who makes him want to? I’m guessing it is she who holds the greater power. Blessings on you and yours. Plato

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    1. Thank you. And thank you for the insightful feedback!

      I definitely agree that “authority” has many confused on where they stand, where their power lies and their purpose, so they continue to look at outside sources to identify with and emulate that.
      And I thought this photo would incite some readers.. just curious on how it would be perceived if the woman was in fact on the bottom instead.

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      1. It would be the exception in creation not the norm. There surely are women who could do it I think but generally there power is of a different and less brutish kind.

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  4. Given this world full of patriarchy, sexism, classism, racism, colorism and every other kind of stupid “-ism,” our minds have all been WARPED. There’s this thing with males….with these grown-ass boys (not men, you see) who are living in this delusion of HYPERMASCULINITY. “I’m the man, I run the show! I got all this money, all these degrees, cars, clothes, houses, the biggest muscles, the best dick–” WHATEVER. Well, that delusion has been playing out for generations on so many levels in so many ways and it’s been smothering us women, particularly with us kidnapped African women here in America. (Our unique experience with slavery and the psychological breaking down of our men, women and children play a major role when it comes to OUR concerns too. We have learned these delusional, imbalanced behaviors from the Europeans).

    Anyway, women are fighting back, pushing back, struggling for air so to speak….it’s just that the way a LOT of us are going about it….is, well…WRONG. That hypermasculine mindset itself AND the way we’ve been treated by those WITH this mindset has slow-dripped into OUR psyche, again for GENERATIONS. The GLOBAL assault on WOMEN is at an all-time high! There have been attempts to erase the Divine Feminine Principle from history, as if she never mattered; being female is equivalent to being WEAK, to being LESS-THAN. We have been beaten, raped, attacked, murdered, degraded, objectified and eventually….we started believing the hype, buying into the hype, embodying the hype–but now we’re TIRED of it ALL!

    I think a LOT of us tend to come to this conclusion when it comes to competing with men, “I’ll show you…I’ll show you ALL. You will NOT disrespect me! I AM strong! I’ll prove it! I’m not just your little cum bucket! ‘Anything you can do I can do better, I can do anything better than YOU!’ I can be HARDER than you, STRONGER than you, FASTER than you, SMARTER than you, more FORCEFUL than you, even MANLIER than YOU! So if being a woman is so terrible…. I’ll shut down my femininity, because it isn’t safe for me to be a WOMAN in this world…I’ll harden my softness, freeze my Heart, sharpen my Mind….and set this whole world ABLAZE with my POWER.”

    But see, that’s not the way to go! That’s so IMBALANCED, but our imbalances come only from MEN’S imbalances being imposed upon us….so now we’re ALL walking around looking crazy. We forgot what balance is; what it means to be interdependent…to work as a TEAM…to complement one another. Men and women BOTH have Masculine and Feminine Energies, but when they’re as imbalanced as they are now…only damage and pain can occur.

    The way to go…is for us to return to our Divine Femininity…remember our POWER from the WOMB. We have to heal from all this damage that’s been inflicted upon us….(and upon our men too). That’s what Beyonce’s “LEMONADE” is all about. That ENTIRE film is about doing exactly this (but of course, it went over so many people’s heads because it’s BEYONCE. Smh). We need to remember our magic, remember our POWER, which is just as strong (if not STRONGER) than our male counterpart. Once we step back up and into our power AUTHENTICALLY and not under any kind of delusion or illusion, THAT is when the REAL Magic begins.

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    1. Whew, sis! Your comment alone should be made into a post. I haven’t peeped Lemonade, but I agree with all of what you said. THANK YOU!

      I know that much of the “superwoman syndrome” is a reaction to everything thrown at us as well as some of our counterparts being effeminate and weak. We can’t find anyone to lean on so we double up on it within ourselves. It’s a defense mechanism as well. We have always been survivors, but I don’t think this is any way to live a peaceful or fulfilling life. We must continuously honor our wombs and femininity and stop allowing outside forces to even get close enough to alter its divine energy.

      I appreciate the honest, insightful feedback. Thank you.

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      1. Yes, sis! Thank YOU for giving me something to reflect on. I really enjoy your posts. You know what? I just MIGHT make this into a post. ❤ I'll reblog your post and add my comment to it so people can see it in context. How's that sound? ^_^

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  5. Maybe I’m alone in this but I don’t see women trying to do everything we can. What I see is them taking the limited opportunities to do ANYTHING we’ve always been allowed to. However society has been set up so that’s not enough even with men doing it too. And maybe I’m wrong but the only women I hear saying they don’t need men are in the movies. Real life women are just smart enough to chuck out deadbeat men, but they don’t claim men in general are shit.


    1. Maybe you are alone in that notion. Just because you haven’t encountered them in your life doesn’t mean these women don’t exist.

      Sincere thanks for your feedback.

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