Let Us Be

Including you, Black Girl. There are many days when the world doesn’t allow us to be, but I cherish the ones when we can return to our instincts, to freely exude our natural femininity and let others bask in it. Imagine more days like that ❤ I do not own the rights to these images; no […]

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…the only difference between us is where in this world our ancestors got dropped off. ❤

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week 48: Be Less — @ShashaSelflove (a reblog)

There is a “stand still” moment, you have put in all the work and all your effort into a purpose. The wave of anticipation rolls over you, you have placed importance into every detail and poured your experience into every space that needed to be filled. “How will my work be received?”, that question has […]

You cannot make yourself responsible for the insecurities of others… via @ShashaSelflove 11/20/18 – Be Less — @ShashaSelflove

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