week one: just do it

Charlotte Simpson, aka Traveling Black Widow, travels the world—often solo— and appears to be in her 60s. Her photos beg the question: what’s your excuse? I’ve been subscribed to her for a few months now and she is a constant inspiration to just go for it! Not only is she an inspiration to travel and […]

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week 32 || 2016

honey, travel yourself first. the world, later.  –della hicks-wilson Or maybe both at the same time? I believe you can, and most likely will, travel to new parts of yourself when you actually travel. Like on a plane. And self-discovery is an ongoing process. But, possibly, the writer just meant travel yourself first instead of […]

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Summer Getaway 2014

  It’s crazy to hear people say “fall is coming! I can feel it” as I look at my city’s 5-day forecast and there isn’t a day under 95. And with all the bs going on in Africa, the Middle East and right here at home in Missouri, I was beyond ready to get out […]

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