High 5 to High-Waisted!

I used to think high-waisted bottoms were such a grown up look- like a “moms only”/”I have a career” style [how naive, right?!]. But I’ve learned that not only is a high-waisted bottom classy, it’s also classic. Super popular in the 70s, bottoms hitting at the natural waist have made quite a resurgence in the last few years and it makes me a happy shopper. Here are my top five reasons why:

1. They accentuate the smallest part of a woman’s mid-section.


Yes, indeed! Forget the cellulite on your backside or the short length of your legs-or any other shortcoming you may think you have, because a high-waisted skirt is going to draw attention to your waist. And whether it’s narrow or thick, it is quite a sexy feature.

2. They create curves.


An optical illusion of sorts. For someone like me with narrow hips, a high-waisted skirt in a stretchy fabric will make me look like I have a little extra meat around there! Add a perfectly placed pattern and you’ve got hips for days. The same goes for patterned shorts. The placement and size of back pockets can totally alter the look of things, too.

3. They act kinda like Spanx.. kinda!


I love my high-rise jeans because they keep everything in as opposed to it runningeth over. Who wants to see or feel a muffin top??!? Not I. Wear them to dinner and you won’t have to unzip them to make room like you would for your super low rises. With a cotton/spandex blend[in a comfortable size, of course], the belly is slightly constricted, smoothing out any rolls or pouches you might be carrying around. Add a taper to the leg and they’ll slim the appearance your entire lower half!

4. They provide full coverage.


Along the same lines as keeping everything in like a body shaper, high-waisted bottoms also keep you covered. With pants or shorts, you never have to worry about your underwear and crack being exposed when you sit down. [I think this could possibly be the best reason for us all to have them in our closets!] Plus you still have the option to show your cute little waist with a cropped top. And contrary to most swimsuit designer’s beliefs, not every woman feels comfortable showing off 99.99% of her body at the pool or beach, so a high-waisted brief is a cute, timeless alternative.

5. They’re a classic.


Think of all the horrible trends you’ve seen throughout your years. Think about how many of those trends you perpetuated! High-waisted bottoms are not one of them. Yes, people can make them look bad, but they generally work well for all body types. They’re very flattering and super feminine. Plus they won’t ever go out of style.

So remember your options the next time you shop! xo

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