week 44 \\ 2015

Is being friends with an ex a normal thing? Like for real in real life. I mean it’s one thing to have a child with them and understand that getting along would be best for the kid. Or they come out and confess that they’re gay. But besides that? What’s the reasoning?

I really want to know.

Is the ex a real friend? Did they help you move? Do you two chop it up and talk about the people you’re dating, go to lunch and party together? All without sexual intimacy or knockin’ the boots? Like how actual friendships operate?

OR is s/he chillin on that back burner just in case you don’t find anyone to make your palms sweaty or heart beat faster? Like a security blanket. Do they serve some ulterior purpose, like they know how to fix everything, s/he is good with cars or braids your hair or makes that bomb chicken piccata you can’t live without? {I get it; I love me some chicken piccata too, man. Mmm!}

And, minus the aforementioned exclusions, if you are friends with an ex[or two or three or all your exes are the homies], how does it pan out once you start a new romantic relationship? How does your current partner feel about you having friends that you used to share with the same feelings you now have for them?

Maybe I’m too immature to maintain platonic relationships with ex-boyfriends. Or so super hot and irresistible that they can’t bear just being friends?! or both!! haha I kid I kid. But seriously, I’m curious on how/why and under what circumstances these relationships are maintained.

Do share.

5 thoughts on “week 44 \\ 2015

  1. I’m friendly with all of my exes and friends with most of them.
    But it took time.
    In my recent breakup we haven’t gotten around to being friends yet.
    But I’m still really cool with her family and her son. I raised her son when in the past her exes didn’t care to and while his dad was in prison. I’m the only man he has been able to trust and count on.
    Over time my relationship with his mom will be fine. Her family blames her because (according to them) while we were together it was the best life she ever had.

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    1. That’s very cool. So I’m guessing they’re all invaluable friendships worth maintaining. Even if it’s just 2 or 3 exes as friends, you’re a lucky man! And it’s a beautiful thing to raise a child, whether you’re his biological or not. We need more men stepping up to the plate and being father figures and mentors.

      I have not been so lucky to just remain friends because one of us always wants more or nothing at all. So it’s always interesting to hear other’s stance on the topic. Thanks so much for your comment and tuning in.


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