week 01 || 2016

Happy new year, lovers! I hope you had a magical and prosperous 2015, but I think we can top it with the outlook for 2016, eh!? I know I am. I had so many visions of what this past year would look like.. aaaaand not all of them played out as I saw them in my mind; some better! Some not as well. Some not at all. And I am so cool with that. Know all things happen in their own time and forcing them takes away their true purpose and value.

Did you set your intentions for the year? The month? The week? Today?

I’m not one for new year’s resolutions because I think changes need to be made A S A P instead of waiting for the first of the year. I mean if you’re gonna do it, just do it. Nonetheless, this time is as great a time as any to make those necessary moves to create a better you. I really hope you find what you’re looking for in 2016!

Anyway, join me in tolerating this “new year, new me” bullshit for another few weeks and let’s do this year bigger and better. For real this time.

cheers ❤

Oh oh and do you have any resolutions? Do share.

20 thoughts on “week 01 || 2016

  1. I really don’t celebrate these “holidays”, but I start my new year on my birthday because it’s a new year for me. But this year will be bigger and better. Thanks for always inspiring myself and others to be great.

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    1. Me too! But my birthday is right around the new year, so I dunno if that counts…

      And you’re welcome. Inspiring someone is the least I can do from this here keyboard. Thank you for always tuning in!

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  2. I agree, if you want change do it now. I am big on new moon goals. I follow the moon cycles in setting my goals and keep journals. It ends up being about once a month. It’s amazing because after just a few months you see how much you have accomplished. So I will continue that this year

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  3. Aww I got is to make mistakes. Tons of them. You probably read the quote on my blog that inspired me to say that. I think it’s the best resolution to make and you’ll never fail it. lol

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