week 10 || 2016: struggle = success

Adversity finds us all every once and awhile and makes you want to quit [or try harder]. Sometimes we need to be reminded of why we started, a little encouragement from someone that believes in us and can see the hurdles we’ve overcome…or a gentle push from an unbiased stranger.

That’s why I love Sunshine. Her name is perfectly fitting because she always has some positive words to share. Plus she’s a super natural beauty with glowy skin and a nerdy side and sliiightly reminds me of myself..

Keep in mind that if it were easy, everyone would be doing it.


17 thoughts on “week 10 || 2016: struggle = success

  1. I needed this message!!! The Universe has been saying this message to me in different videos. I guess they’ll just keep beating me over the head with it until I actually get it. lol. Thanks so much for sharing this. I definitely will share this post through my social media. Also, I love her vibe. I will be checking more videos from her in the near future. I love positive sistas.

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  2. She is amazing! I absolutely love her outlook, her positivity, her energy and her attitude! This was inspirational for me because I am struggling and was ready to give up on something but after watching this video, I now realize that struggling is a part of life and that if everything came easy, we’d all be fat, broke and lazy.

    Thank you so much for posting this! It was right on point and also right on time for me!

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  3. Queen…

    I’m SO glad our paths crossed.
    You have NO idea how much you inspire me.
    You, your presence. You are regal AND you REMEMBER…
    You Sista make me wanna read AND do crunches….and be at peace with having to Google a word I may not know the meaning of, BUT then love me enough to pull me to the side to encourage me to go home and write it down three times in a sentence and never forget it. Oh and better yet…look it up…like Mommy used to make us do.

    I’m not trying to gas your head up…

    Got enough crap to repent for. No sense in adding lying to you to the list….

    Just had an extra moment to actually let you know…so I seized the moment like you seize moments..

    Like you take life by the reins…and reign.

    Much love and many blessings…


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    1. Much love, Queen E! The love is mutual, no doubt! I aim to inspire, if nothing else, so THANK YOU for tuning in and always having kind and uplifting words to share. I appreciate you ๐Ÿ˜‰

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