From Black Boy With Love

The following is an excerpt of New Children’s Book Teaches Black Boys to Treat Black Girls With Respect written by Zahara Hill for Black Voices:


Artist Lawrence Lindell wanted black girls to know they have much more value than a lack of media visibility and derisive comments from peers may lead them to believe.

“We have to change the narrative that the more melanin you have means you’re uglier.”

So he created “From Black Boy With Love.” The children’s book, which was released in late March, contains 24 pages of illustrations of young boys expressing uplifting messages of love to young black girls…

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11 thoughts on “From Black Boy With Love

  1. love love love this! definitely going to get this. i think all of our children should read more books like this. sadly there aren’t many but i’m glad you wrote about this. definitely something to get. such a positive message. thank you Queen! ❤

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