turn off the lights…


Firstly, how cute is this little graphic☝🏾?

Remember way back when when I posted tips on how to wake up with a routine to get it poppin? I mean refreshed. Enthusiastic! Ready. That was mostly for my readers because I think I have the morning routine handled. The nighttime routine tho…? eh. Nonexistent. Well, it was. I’ve self-diagnosed with anxiety-induced insomnia so bedtime is usually when the thoughts take over. I’ll be exhausted but can’t get my mind to turn off.

So, just to test things out before I posted this, instead of doing the same activities in bed before bed (i.e. drafting emails, drafting blog posts, invoicing, thumbing through social media, playing brain games…), for about 21 days, I implemented the above list with a few other activities that have really helped me clear my mind and curb my nighttime anxiety:

Firstly, I set a bedtime. It wasn’t always the same time, but hey. I did dim the lights an hour or more before then, and in that time, I sometimes wrote down whatever was on my mind or bothering me or what I had to do the next day. If it was nothing, sometimes I’d simply write enjoy your free time, get some rest or just opt out of writing for the night.

I did some easy stretches from bed. I’ve been doing many of them for years, but only when I felt discomfort or soreness. Implementing them regularly has decreased tension in my neck and shoulders as well as help my body get and stay relaxed.

Another problem I had was staying asleep. I’m pretty fancy, so I usually gotta have my evening tea, but only low/no caffeine and not much sweetener. I avoided starchy and fatty foods in the evenings because they take a little more work to break down which can aid in sleep deprivation and weight gain. No thanks. And I also reinstated my no-techno day where once a week, I didn’t use my laptop or phone for the entire majority of the day. If no day allowed for it, I’d take out hour-long time blocks to break from checking my phone or computer. This allowed me to catch up on my book reading and illustrating.

I remember writing a speech in college about the importance of sleep. I know this country doesn’t allow for too much nor does it value sleep (unless you’re a baby); look at all the ads and even housewares and graphic tees making light of the need for that morning kick to get through the day, or even just the morning. And the readily available plethora of drugs to help you get to sleep?! A better mattress might help. Might not. What does that tell you?

But it is so vital to listen to your body and make adjustments. For me, this is the start to creating a less anxious, less stressed, more rested and positive Kelley. Unless you’re a vampire, that #teamnosleep and I can sleep when I’m dead nonsense is damaging. It ages you. And it’s dumb af.

What about you? Are you getting enough sleep? Enough rest?


22 thoughts on “turn off the lights…

  1. No. I’ve had insomnia for most of my adult life. And when I started going through menopause well sleep went out the window. But I learned to adjust and adapt.
    Plus I started working nights aka the evening and late shifts so pretty much I’m up all night.
    Menopause played havoc with my hormones.
    I’m also a very high strung and nervous person so my brain is always on. For a while I was taking Ambien but that causes sleepwalking.
    Maybe next year when I turn 60 things will straighten themselves out.

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  2. My cat Sylvester is very happy that I am nocturnal. Also I get most of my writing done at night, dusk or dawn when most of the world is asleep. Plus seeing New York City at night is amazing! However next year I will finally at age 60 retire and maybe I’ll return to “normal” sleep but then again I heard that as you get older you sleep less! Must be true! I’ve been nocturnal since my 40s! LOL!

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  3. What an experiment you did! And, yes, that meme is mad cute. I have four kids, so after they go to bed- usually after a bedtime story, prayers and Qur-an reading- it’s quiet, private time for my wife and me. I tend to read, watch (informative) videos, have at least one cup of herbal tea, and/or talk with my wife for a while. Then I pray and go to sleep. I also sometimes use that time to call relatives and friends, because I’m across the world from them. Sometimes I observe the fish in the fish tank.

    It’s not a set routine, but more of a winding-down habit. I only have trouble falling asleep once every few months. Rarely, coffee or chai keeps me up.

    It’s actually a larger process- I have been blessed with a simple, quiet life, and a comfortable, spacious home. I wish these and more for everybody.

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  4. A very timely post! Especially with all these folks running ’round here talking about “all you need is 3 or 4 hours of sleep”….. for productivity sake.
    Not the kid! I needs my zzzzzzzzz and I appreciate anything that tells me how I can be sure to get them ALL!
    Thanks Ms. Kelley 🙂

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  5. I have this problem from time to time. I often write at night until I’m exhausted. I am going to start trying to do better. Thank you for these tips!

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