Budding: a poetry share

 a shy smile
 a quick glance
 stood up and took a chance
 a returned smile
 stayed awhile
 didn't play
 numerics exchanged
 didn't hesitate
 more calls than texts
 almost never too busy
 for your new missy
 in less than a week
 I see you again
 questions asked
 answers received
 no nut allergy
 but can't do meals from the sea
 a plucked rose
 opened doors
 stayed until close
 phone checked once for the time
 I offered, but didn't spend a dime
 walk in the park
 before it's too dark
 walk to my door
 no pressure for more
 a long, intense stare
 confirms a connection quite rare
 a few giggles
 a kiss on the nose
 we'll make this a regular thing
 I suppose

Budding ©2018 K.B. Wright
photo source; no copyright infringement intended.

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