Blogging Challenge day 4: Three Healthy Habits

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  1. My gym was one of the first places to shut down this year, so I ramped up my home workout routines as well as my neighborhood walk schedule. Spring and summer, my favorite seasons, are usually my time to enjoy the weather and attend A LOT of social events and since I’m not, the pivot was necessary. No matter what, I move daily. And the bright side is I save a few $s from no longer paying for a gym membership.
  2. No joke, I have about 1,500 recipes saved on a Pinterest board that I’m finally getting to test 👀 I wouldn’t say I ate out a lot before coronatime, but the lack of open, quality dine-out options has encouraged me to make more meals at home. I miss restaurants and peopling, but these restrictions have been another money saver!
  3. I know I am fortunate to be where I am in life and I make sure to acknowledge that daily. Even on a bad day, I give thanks for even the smallest things. When I remember, I’ll start my day by writing down three things I’m thankful for.

Coronatime has made it too dang easy to slack off on life as a whole; clearly some people have just given up and it shows! What healthy habits have you implemented or maintained in these uncertain times?

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