Blogging Challenge Day 16: My First Celebrity Crush

I think I was a late bloomer because I really don’t remember finding anyone get withable before Daron Jones (pictured second from left). Isn’t he dreamy?! I think I got a Jones in my bones sometime in high school. He’s from the singing group 112 and I saw him at a free “throwback” concert a few years back and YEP! He’s still got it!

Do you remember your first celebrity crush? Do you still find him or her attractive? Do you look back and ask yourself what you were thinking?

Photo found on; no copyright infringement intended.

21 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge Day 16: My First Celebrity Crush

          1. Oh, he totally minds his own business and lives a happy, drama-free life. I usually don’t Google celebrities, but out of curiosity I just did and didn’t even know he was a married father. His family looks happy and so does he. I admire private people.

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