Blogging Challenge Day 22: Where I Write

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Since the beginning of time, I’ve almost always blogged at home. I remember once writing a short piece on my phone while I was in these streets, but I find that my juices usually really get to flowing at home in the middle of the night. I often write from bed or my “office” desk. In my apartment where my blog was born, I wrote at my kitchen table that overlooked a desert lot. So it’s safe to say that no matter where I live, my place is my creative space.

Where do you write?

13 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge Day 22: Where I Write

  1. Great post! Before I lived on my own, I seldom wrote at home. But I write where inspiration strikes, I’ve definitely drafted posts on lines at the grocery stores, trains, etc lol. But home is my favorite place to write, though it started at my childhood desk in Queens, NYC. lol

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  2. Since 2014 I have set up a specific area of a room. I bought a laptop, a foldup table from walmart, and a chair (now it’s a office secretarial chair). And that is where I am when I write. I have to be focused, physically and mentally. If I am not in that area I am not writing. I usually write while it is still light outside, sometime though I find myself typing on the wrong keys because it has gotten darker and I have not gotten up to turn on a light! I do my best writing and thinking right in this specific area in this specific secretarial swivel chair. (I spent 30 years as a Secretary).

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  3. I write mostly from home as well. My favorite place is my kitchen at my breakfast nook table. I do, however, write in bed or while sitting in my favorite chair too. But definitely mostly home.

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  4. I don’t have TV in my bedroom. I am grateful to have a master bedroom. I have made an area in my bedroom next to the window. On the wall facing my computer is my vision board and white board for my daily to do list.


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