week 39

Love is medicine. Love yourself. Love others. Spread love. Send love. Be love. Love. –Lalah Delia ❤ Advertisements

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Reclaiming My Time

“I’m reclaiming my time!” has to be my favorite quote of 2017 and I am as serious as Auntie Maxine with its usage. Last month, I met a fellow blogger, was introduced to her blog then read a post that changed my life. For those that aren’t ready to face the man in the mirror, the […]

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week 12|2017

We can’t make people happy; we can only encourage happiness to be a part of their diet. Until they can take that step with themselves, nothing will matter; it’ll all feel like tires in the mud. And every move will feel muted, every accomplishment will seem to be on a path they wish they’d found […]

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