week nine

One comes to believe whatever one repeats to one’s self, whether the statement be true or false. Each of us is what we are because of the dominating thoughts we permit to occupy our minds. -Ruben Chavez | thinkgrowprosper

This is why I do my best to stay away from those who have a negative thought pattern, so negative that they want to share their misery! Why speak on things you don’t want? Coming from a culture that mutters “speak of the devil” when someone YOU SPOKE UP appears, isn’t that telling?! Hello, Barbara?! You there??

I keep my aura roped off from those who are always wishing, hoping and praying yeeeeeeett never seem to get to the doing part. Nor do they take advice or utilize offered assistance.

Are you letting other people’s problems spoil your joy? Are you allowing negative thoughts dominate your mind? There isn’t a bright side to every situation, I get that. But you can always change your mind and how you handle it. Despite your trials, do you see the end, where peace and joy lie? Do you believe you deserve joy? Or are you creating an argument or problem for every solution?

17 thoughts on “week nine

  1. Amen Sister! We all know complainers, whiners, those who bitch and moan. Back when I worked at the Museum when any of us saw certain coworkers we would literally run the other way!

    A few weeks ago I had to kick a certain guy off my writing Blog because he wanted to discuss sickness, illness and hard times. Pretty much once you go past 50 those things will come. Part of the aging process. But I don’t want to focus on my disability. I’m more than disabled.

    Today is my day of Victory. Why? Because today I turned 60. Never thought I would see Sixty after years of doctors and hospitals.
    Therefore that makes me a Miracle. When I think of all that I went through, adjustments and adaptations I’ve had to make, the times I have been close to death I knew that I wanted to Live no matter which body part has stopped working. Whether my remaining years are short or long, God has a plan for me. Today I choose to say, Where to now Lord?

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  2. I’m sure that you have heard the expression, Misery loves company. Those People are in continuous mourning.

    Well this is the Dance you do when you realize that God allowed you to see 60! I have put on the garment of Praise!

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  3. I see peace but in some situations joy looks like death of the individual to me. Does this make sense? I’m working on not letting my ex husband stress the hell out of me, but he spends every moment trying to bully, harass and intimidate me when it comes to our son. I just want peace. Everything in my life is good but that negative energy of him I just can’t seem to lose. I started meditating and working out again and of course I ask God to protect me during this drama and hopefully I can report at year end that I’ve beat the devil and survived the nightmare that is him.

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    1. Yes! Like having a child; the old you dies when you house and birth a child. You’re never the same again. I think I get you!

      I’m sorry to hear your ex is using his own son as a stress tool. I hate when sisters do it to one another, arguing and stirring drama with one another, but it’s even worse when it’s a “man”. Sounds like he’s the one in need of much prayer and meditation.
      Wishing you luck in this trial!!

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  4. Yeah… I think I’m on the positive side. Art has given me a home to rid negativity, and proceed positively.
    (commenting from my other blog, as opposed to GLaM!)

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    1. I did not know you had two blogs!
      And yes! I think a lot of people are pent up because they have no positive outlets. They don’t make time for the things they enjoy.


  5. I forgot who I got this from but I’ll share it here. AU + RA = AURA! AU represents GOLD on the periodic table of elements. RA is the supreme sun God. (We know him as much more but to keep this simple.) We must eat foods that contain earthly elements such as gold and silver along with getting plenty of sunlight and water to have a healthy, glowing AURA. Along with what you said about keeping our thoughts positive and pure.

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      1. I thought that you might like that! I catch jewels then share them with as much people as possible. That’s another way I think that we will overcome all of the obstacles we face. Spreading genuine love amongst our people.

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